Learn a little more about who is behind ThatPix and the goals of it.

Charles Cleivin de Almeida

Charles Cleivin de Almeida

Lead web designer, lead web developer & founder

I`m a designer with 8 years experience that encompasses user-research and brand strategy as well as interactive design. At ThatPix, I am at the forefront of most activities for our client’s portfolio and final products.

My goal with ThatPix is to provide the best products and services possible for talented translators who need those products and services, but doesn`t have the trustful and close figure that can reliably provide it.

My vision is to create and sustain a space of free knowledge that not only can be used to enhance a tranlator perspective, but also work as a way to build trust and connections by sharing and finding common values between ThatPix and translators on the path for success.

I desire to improve ThatPix little by little and deliver the best possible content for translators to read.

Bruno Rocha Adami

Bruno Rocha Adami

Community engagement & community outreach

I`m a community specialist with over 10 years of experience in diversified fields that, together, gave me knowledge and experience about how to approach and reach communities online. 

I desire to assist ThatPix to reach a larger number of translators and make sure to provide translators, who would benefit from ThatPix material,  with well delivered material.     

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