How high can your proposals go? (pt 2)


1- I`m not affiliated with this service and this is not a paid promotion. I`m simply sharing information on tools that can be useful for translators and that I personally see value, use and/or approve. For each tool, feature or program I share, there are probably many other options that might be equally valid. Again this post is not a paid promotion.


2- This post is a small follow up to this one. See it first to understand the content!


Now it`s time for you to see, from a user perspective, how better proposals look from the inside. By creating an account through this link or any other in this post you will also receive a free extra 30 days trial on their system. If you think that extra free content is cool, don`t forget to share this post!
Obs: This software is also perfect with Toggl!  Give a look on this blog post about how to record 100% of your tasks with 0% of the work

5 very useful links about how to write your next proposal

Those links have an interesting diversity of information. You will find examples, tips about proposal structure, testimonials and much more. If you are looking for ways to improve how you imagine your proposals check it out those links.

1-Instructional Solutions
Proposal Examples

2-Biz Fluent
Write language translation proposal

3-University of Illinois
The basic structure of a proposal

4-Ryan Robinson Personal Blog
How to write the best freelance proposal

5-Hub Spot
How to write a proposal


Better Proposals made it very easy to update, customize and produce proposals! Do you know any other brands that offer the same? What are your thoughts about this system?

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