How high can your proposals go?

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I`m not affiliated with this service and this is not a paid promotion. I`m simply sharing information on tools that can be useful for translators and that I see value, use and/or approve. For each tool, feature or program I share, there are probably many other options that might be equally valid. Again this post is not a paid promotion.


I`ve lost clients because of a not so good proposal in the past and I`m sure you did as well. Direct approach has many advantages to both small and big translators and it`s not questionable that a good impression counts. In this post, you will discover how good a proposal made with better proposals can be. By creating an account through this link or any other in this post you will also receive a free extra 30 days trial on their system. If you think that extra free content is cool, don`t forget to share this post!

Obs: This software is also perfect with Toggl!  Give a look on this blog post about how to record 100% of your tasks with 0% of the work


Better Proposals come with a number of advantages that make any other proposal system eat dust. Not only it produces automatically a printable, well organized, professional, interactive and straight to the point document for your client but also win in many other technical aspects when compared to other proposal systems of the same field.

Main advantages, when compared with regular forms of proposals, are:

  • Keep track of your proposal at all times.
  • Have a stunning presence
  • Full of interactivity and control
  • Try to aid you with legal sections
  • Support payments
  • Support a live chat
  • Did I say live chat?
  • Yeah a live chat!
  • Support custom designs
  • Support custom branding
  • Can be used from anywhere in the world
  • It`s free for 30 days.
  • It`s free for an extra 30 days if you register through a ThatPix link!

And much more. As time goes by this tool become better and better and here below you will see some of the top reasons not listed above that made the most difference for me during my choice to use it.


Zero Learning Curve (or almost that)

Everything works in a point and click way that requires minimum knowledge. The website has countless videos to help you along the way as well!



Have tons of beautiful templates for you to use

Better Proposals have options for all kinds of ideas you would like to pitch someone about and allow me to upload my own



Enhanced Mobile View

Better proposals just look better on mobile than most other options plain and straight.



By going beyond expectations with your proposal, you will strike your future client as a professional and up to date person who invests time to make translations that will pass on the most modern strict standards. Make an account with Better Proposals and test it yourself!

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