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Every freelancer or service provider need to talk about time with clients. How much time you invested to finish a project is not only a concern for whoever hire you, but also the foundation of any improvement you desire to achieve for yourself. Having a reliable and professional way to record, save and present how much time you invest in a task will not only benefit you, but also add value to any service you will provide.

Introducing Toggl!

How it works?

After creating an account, Toggl have 2 primary ways to record your time. One is automatic and the other one is manual.


  • Enter Automatic Mode by clicking the green clock icon on the Timer page, on the upper-right

  • Describe what you’re doing right now in the “What are you working on?” field
  • Select a Workspace, a Project and a Task, add Tags and a Billable flag, if desired
  • Click the green play button to start the clock
  • When you’re done with your activity, click on the red Stop button



To create a Time Entry by defining a duration:

    • In Automatic Mode
    • Click on the duration field (The 0:00:00) and enter the time
    • Confirm the change by hitting enter

The play button will then change into a check mark

    • Enter description, select Workspace,  Project,Task, Tags and Biliable flag as required.

Please be mindful that if you select an Autocompleted description this will start the timer, so insert the duration first

  • Click the green check mark button to create the entry

Things to keep in mind when inputting the duration:

  • Duration format is hh:mm:ss. For example 01:32:15 = 1 hour 32 minutes and 15 seconds
  • The default unit is minutes. If only 1 number is entered the system will interpret it as mm
  • If 2 separated numbers are entered it is interpreted as hh:mm For example, 1:2 (For 1 hour and 2 minutes)
  • If 3 separated numbers are entered it is interpreted as hh:mm:ss. For example, 1:2:3 (For 1 hour, 2 minutes and 3 seconds)
  • You can also type 2h to set duration to 02:00:00

Manual Mode

  • Enter Manual Mode by clicking on the three lines underneath the clock icon


  • Fill everything just like the automatic mode.
  • Set the start and stop times
  • Click the green check mark button
  • The Time Entry will move under the appropriate day header. If the entry is from a future date, it can be viewed on the Detailed Reports page


Continue a Time Entry

  • Hover your cursor over a Time Entry and the Continue Button will appear (a gray play button on the right hand side of the Time Entry)
  • Click on the Continue Button next to a Time Entry to start a new one with the same description, ProjectTaskTags and Billable settings



  • To learn how to delete or edit a Time Entry, check Toggl tutorial The Timer Page
  • From project drop-down you can change the Workspace current entry will belong to
  • Click on the running clock to adjust your start time
  • Click on the gray trashcan icon on the upper-right to delete a running entry. The ‘Undo’ option will show up briefly in bottom right
  • You can switch between Automatic and Manual mode by hitting M on the keyboard when no specific field is in focus
  • To create a new project select “Create a new project” from the Projects drop-down menu
  • To create a new Tag, type the name into the search box and press Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter for Mac users)

The Report

After tons of hard work, this is how your report will look like! If you decide to pay for Toggl, it will also calculate how much (based on your hourly rate for that task) the client will need to pay you!
Image result for toggl report pdf


Toggl is a simple, yet powerful free tool that will enable translators to record how much time they spend on projects both for their own personal organization but also for their clients. By doing so Toggl will add value through transparency and you will ultimately benefit from the good impressions your clients will have from you.

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