Finding a new client using only free google services!

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Watch the video before reading this blog post! The post itself is a complement for the video!

Hello fellow translator!

Today the blog post is about how to use the tool we introduced in our last blog post, “Do, you know where your clients are?”, to actually find an example of potential client for your website translation services.

Once again we start by opening google trends and getting ready to type in some keywords we are going to check about. In this case we are going to search for: French to English Translators, but you can search any other term you want. Follow up the video to achieve the same results! Depending of where you are in the world, google search (not trends) might give you different results during your search! That should not be a problem in most cases, but if you can`t reproduce my results send a message so the community can help you out!

Instead of just writing the same content of the video here like last time, I`m going to try something new and use the space below each video to complement its content instead! So the first step of this blog post is to watch the video! If you didn`t start yet, watch it now!

Once you get to the potential client, here are some tips that will definitely change the way your future customers will judge you once you approach them! In the future, I will talk more and dedicate more time for each point in particular!

E-mail Addresses

-Stop using free email addresses like @yahoo, @gmail, and @hotmail for your business account. Register a domain name with ThatPix assistance and start using your own email address at your own brand name. Don’t worry, most email services like Gmail allow you to send and retrieve such emails via their services — all the benefits plus a professional edge.

-Address contacts by name. The spammers all write to people with “to whom it may concern” and “dear sir or madam.”

Make it easy for the reader of your email

In many cases, the reader of your email will have many, many emails waiting for them in their inbox. Make your emails as simple and direct as possible.

Subject line: Include as many useful details as possible

-The subject line of your email is the first opportunity you have to get the reader’s attention. Many translators put something like “Translator Application”, which only let the potential customer know it’s a translator looking for work. Others put English <> Spanish Translation Service. That is a little better because it tells the source & target languages. However, there are even better ways to disclose your services using the subject line.

-Sample Subject Line:

Legal Spanish>English Native Translator-Rates from xx/cents/word

Specialization or other differentiations

The first thing you can do to stand out is include your specialty. If you are a Legal or Technical translator, that would be a great thing to include in the subject line. If you are Certified by ATA, you can put “ATA Certified”. If you have documented work experience for a considerable number of years can put “Experienced”. If you have references that confirm you are a reliable, high quality translator, etc., you can use those phrases. However, keep in mind it carries more weight if you can back it up with references.

Language Combination

Your language combination is either needed by the reader or it isn’t. By including your language combination, you immediately make yourself stand out to those that need your combination. It’s not really complicated, but it may surprise you that many translators send vague subject lines that don’t mention their language combination nor their specialties.

Native Language

Confirm you are a native speaker of the target language. You will be surprised how many emails translators send that say they can translate to multiple targets, some of which are not their native languages. By including that you are a native of the target immediately, you quickly communicate that you are an experienced translator and know our industry. If you have in another country for a long time and can now provide translation in both directions, clarify that in the body of your email. For services in the US, this is very helpful with language combinations where an English native is hard to find.


You may feel that if you give rates, you may get automatically disqualified by people looking for cheaper rates. However, consider giving a range of your rates for both simple and premium works. That is relatively effective for certain types of clients.

Body of Email

Your email will likely arrive in the middle of many others, the goal is for your email to stand out in a simple and direct manner. While the body of your email will allow you to expand on your strengths it should still be simple and to the point.

Use bullet point list & avoid attachments

Again,we know it is highly likely your reader is very busy and will only scan your email. So, I have two suggestions that will make life much easier on your reader.

Instead of wordy paragraphs, use bullet point lists to share your strengths
Instead of an attachment, paste your CV/Resume below your signature


Those are some interesting tips to assist you with your first contact to a new potential client! Let me know your thoughts and don`t forget to share, comment and subscribe!

Next blog post we will talk about how to have a professional email account, stay tuned!

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